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The Helsinki Summit - Risk Dimension Update

Following Trump’s recent destructive travels through Europe, culminating in the summit with Russian president Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, Finland, we must re-calibrate our risk assessment to position the Russian cyber measures against the United States as a much more pronounced risk to campaigns of all levels than we originally theorized, as opposed to just something that high profile campaigns needed to worried about.

While high profile campaigns may be targeted for direct action like spearphishing, every Democratic campaign is currently at risk of compromise by Russian intelligence operations.

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The Bad Habit of Willful Ignorance: Cognitive Bias in Political Advertising and Communication

This document formally introduces the concept of cognitive bias into the regular professional vocabulary of political operatives. It also explores possibilities for the inclusion of strategies and practices that account for, and try to circumvent, common mistakes or errors in judgment in political advertising and communications, both by those who practice it and those who receive it.

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